Curvy Yoga Certification takes place twice per year: beginning in March and beginning in September. 

Curvy Yoga Certification costs $750, which can be paid in one lump sum or in three monthly installments of $250 each. If you choose monthly installments, your subsequent payments will be automatically withdrawn one month following your first payment, respectively. So if your first payment is March 7th, your next two will be April 7th and May 7th.

I do not require any annual renewal fees to keep up with your Curvy Yoga Certification; you get to use the name for your classes for life! Also, any time there are updated materials in the future, you will get those for free — for life. I so appreciate you bringing Curvy Yoga into your world and to your students, and I always want you to be fresh with everything we’re doing without worrying about having to pay more in the future.

Our teachers are always so happy they added the Curvy Yoga skills to their toolboxes — and just as importantly, so are their students! I’d really love to have you become part of our Curvy Yoga family and welcome even more students into your classes!

Registration for the September group will open in early September. Click here to join the waitlist!