The Format

  • You’ll have 6 biweekly, live group lessons in our online video-classroom (see the schedule here)  — plus worksheets & instructional videos to use & watch on your own time. In addition, we’ll set aside half of one of our sessions just for Y-O-U: your questions, your marketing plan, your next steps. Plan on devoting about 1-2 hours a week to your training, for the full 3 month program.
  • The 6 live classes will cover: (1) The Many Layers of Creating a Welcoming Environment for Curvy Students — key teaching tenets, creating a welcoming classroom environment from micro to macro, body affirmation & standing pose principles; (2) Making Space for Curves— how to talk about it with grace and kindness, as well as what poses need it, how and why; (3) Sequencing to Create Individual Experiences in a Group Class — how to have people working at different levels, using different props in a way that is friendly for everyone and time efficient; (4) How to Facilitate Yoga as a Way to Help Students Develop a Positive Relationship with Their Body, On and Off the Mat — languaging, assumptions about curvy students, teaching the 4 principles of the Curvy Yoga Practice to students both on and off the mat (5) Marketing and Building Community — what these two have to do with each other and how to get the word out about your classes; and (6) Wrap-Up: Teaching with Chairs, Adjustments & Teaching Private Students — key considerations and opportunities.
  • You’ll be able to interact with me directly during our classes because I teach every single class live. So you can chat in and get your questions answered in real-time and also learn from your classmates’ insights and questions, too. Our groups are always sweet and so happy to connect with each other from class to class!
  • You’ll receive a free 3-month membership in our virtual studio, Curvy Yoga Studio, to try all types of different Curvy Yoga practices
  • You’ll complete (non-sucky) homework assignments on pose modification, communication & body acceptance. You can practice during your regular yoga classes. (Learning on the job — literally.) You receive direct feedback from me on each homework assignment.
  • You’ll receive a copy of my book (that’s only available through this training), Permission to CURVE: Inspiring Poses for Curvy Yogis & Their Teachers. It’s a collection of 60+ warm-ups, poses & sun salutations for yogis of every shape & size.
  • You’ll hang out & hone your skills right on our course site — just for certified Curvy Yoga teachers. It’s a great place to ask questions, share on-the-job realizations & learn from other body affirming teachers.