The Bonuses

When you sign up for Curvy Yoga Certification, you’ll also receive a complimentary three-month membership in our virtual studio, Curvy Yoga Studio.

As part of your Certification, you’ll receive oodles of pose-specific videos. So Curvy Yoga Studio provides a great compliment to what you learn in training because you’ll be able to practice with me in a variety of different styles. In doing so, you’ll get a great feel for Curvy Yoga languaging and sequencing in action so you can apply it in your own way in your classes. There are currently 100+ video practices in the Studio (varying from five- to sixty-minutes in length), and I add more each month, so there will be plenty for you to play with here!

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 1.08.38 PM

Here’s what’s included in your Curvy Yoga Studio membership:

  • Access to alllllll of our practice videos — well over 100 videos!
  • Access to our entire resource library, including all guided meditations, topic-focused guidebooks, studio-only podcast episodes, live class recordings, and more.
  • Ability to favorite videos and create your own individualized practice library
  • Quarterly live practices with yours truly
  • And much more!



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